Welcome To Cotterills Farm
Cotterills Farm OfficeCotterills Farm Housing Management Co-operative is committed to retaining the excellent service that is delivered and to maintaining a sustainable community. We also want to improve services where possible and provide an environment that provides a good quality of life for residents.

We will continue: What is Cotterills Farm Housing Management Co-operative?

Cotterills Farm Housing Management Co-operative is a housing estate located in Tipton in the Great Bridge Ward, in Sandwell of the West Midlands. It was set up in 1997 and became fully operational in 1998 to provide housing related services to council tenants living on Cotterills Farm estate. We currently manage 280 homes. These consist of mainly 2 and 3 bedroom houses and a small amount of low rise flats and 1 bedroom bungalows.

The main driver for establishing the Co-operative and its continuing motivator is tenants wishing to have a high quality, efficient housing service that is delivered based on local needs. This desire is indicated by having achieved an exceptionally high percentage of tenants votes in favour of keeping their Right to Manage.